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Print Edition

The current print edition of the Directory will only include listings that have been verified* in our system at the time of going to print. Notification of relevant cut-off dates etc will be published in The Shetland Times and on this website.

The print edition is published every two years. The current print edition is 2025/26. Work will start on compiling the next print edition in March 2024.

*Listings need verified every two years in order to remain in our systems. Listings not verified will be deleted.


Submit a listing: Use the online form, ensuring all details and required fields are completed correctly before submitting.

Entries can also be accepted via email to, or via post to Shetland Directory, The Shetland Times Ltd, Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0PX.

Reply-paid cards are also made available for residential listings. These are included with The Shetland Times newspaper at a relevant date to coincide with the compilation of each print edition.


Change an existing listing: If you’ve registered as a free user, you can log in and amend your listing as necessary by updating the relevant fields.

The listing will require approval by the Shetland Times admin team (usually checked within 48 hours of submission) before any changes you’ve made will appear online*.

You can also email instructions to or phone our office on 01595 742000.

*Not applicable if you opted out of the internet version.

Verify/repeat an existing listing: Log in using your registered user details and click the Confirm button. Check all the fields are correct before scrolling to the SAVE button. Please note that this option will only appear when the next edition of the directory is being prepared.


Delete an existing entry: Deletions can only be made by The Shetland Times Ltd staff.

Please email instructions to or write to Shetland Directory, The Shetland Times Ltd, Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0PX.

If you need further information or clarification, call our office on 01595 742000.

Display Advertising

To take advantage of the various Directory Advertising options you must be a registered user. Click ‘Add a Business’ if you’re new here, or log in to your existing account if you already have a listing.

The following instructions only apply to logged in business users:

Print Edition

Click the ‘Buy Display Advertising’ button to book advertising space in the print edition.

Online Edition

Click the ‘Buy Display Advertising’ button to book banner advertising space in the online edition.

Find out more about advertising options for the 2025/2026 directory.

Enhanced Listing Options - Online Edition

Shetland Supplier Database: Option A – NEW for 2025-26. Choosing this option will list your business in all its usual categories as well as the Shetland Suppliers Database, a new section for local businesses looking to liaise with visiting contractors in a selection of industries. See here for more details.

General Enhanced Listing: Option B: Click the ‘Enhance My Listing’ button to add more details to your online listing. These extra details should be completed by you but if you need assistance please contact us by phone or email.